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HERMAN TREKKER is not just a climbing company of mount rinjani, but we participate preserve and maintain the beauty of nature by cleaning up RUBBISHfrom mount rinjani.


My name is herman from senaru village.

I am a friendly people,easy smile and easy to get along with anyone.

My job is a trekking guide in rinjani mountain since 2009 after previously working in gili trawangan for dua years as a waiter.

I was born and live senaru village,a village located at foot of mount rinjani and a village that became the main line for climbing to Mount Rinjani.
After a long time being a guide at Rinjani Mountain serving and helping the climbers, I became understanding and had enough experience in how to serve, organize and give what customers need while on the mountain,Therefore I took the initiative to make a climbing services to Mount Rinjani with my experience as a guide.

I know and care what customers need while do climbing in mount rinjani, therefore I am committed to providing the best service for satisfaction and for your an exciting experience while climb at Mount Rinjani with an experienced mount rinjani trekking team.

My commitment to engaged in the ascent to Mount Rinjani and travel to places that are very interesting to see and enjoy in the island of Lombok, with emphasis on safety, comfort and satisfaction as well as maintaining and respecting nature.

Herman trekker office


Herman trekker office is located in senaru village north lombok Indonesia.

located at the foot of rinjani mountain which became the main route to climb rinjani mountain.

in this place you will stop by before heading to the hotel on the day of your arrival to do prepare,explain and manage your trekking plan


Visions & Misions


HERMAN TREKKER is not just a Trekking organizer in mount rinjanibut we participate preserve and maintain the beauty of nature by cleaning up RUBBISH from mount rinjani.
because everyone already knows that the biggest kasus to date has not been resolved is a lot of its garbage in the area of tourism especially in the mountain rinjani .
HERMAN TREKKER have a program and a dream to clean up the mountain Rinjani  With bring down rubbish from rinjani and make Mount Rinjani be a clean mountain, pbeautiful and comfortable mountain to visit.

NOTEbook to us means you have participated in maintaining, caring and clean for mount rinjani.
because the price that you have paid to us is included donations to bring down garbage in Mount Rinjani.

with pleasure we will always be ready to assist and prepare all of your plans are going to do, especially for those of you whose hobby with adventures, climbing and for those of you who are very interest with all the new and exciting things.

don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about rinjani trekking program.




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